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Beckett Sociedad Anónima is a pioneer insurance adjusters company in Chile that, for 50 years, has been developing loss adjustment for the different branches of the industry. Our objective is to promptly provide transparent and professional analysis that satisfy the conditions agreed in the insurance policy.

We have offices in the center, north, center-south and extreme south of Chile, which allows us to be promptly on the scene of the claim. Our experience in all branches of insurance, as well as our technical capacity for mining and energy, civil liability and fire, allows us to provide an agile response in case of natural disasters throughout the country.

Our founder, Russell Beckett Lackington (may he rest in peace) was one of the pioneers of the insurance industry in Chile, honorary member of the Association of Independent Official Insurance Adjusters (ALOSI in Chile) and widely recognized for his active participation in the committees of the Chilean Association of Insurance Companies (AACH in Chile). Our name is associated with professionalism, high technical standards and unwavering compliance with insurance regulations and contracts.


Beckett S.A. Loss Adjusters performs settlements of general insurance claims arising from events that have caused damages to properties covered by an insurance policy. Both, insurance companies and insureds, rely on us to carry out the settlement process, coverage evaluation and loss calculation.

Our settlements are based on precision and clarity, ensuring that claims are accurately reported, giving both beneficiaries and insurers the confidence on the fact that we determine the fair value of the loss.

Over 50 years of experience make us a leader in the industry, with a reputation for fairness, integrity, strict adherence to policies, and high technical and professional standards. We have been involved in some of the country's most significant claims, responding quickly and efficiently to natural catastrophes and fulfilling the requirements of the Financial Market Commission (CMF). You can count on us for accurate and reliable settlements of your general insurance claims.

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